A Trilogy: Mysteries of Reality, Healing, and Knowledge Beyond the Senses

A Trilogy: Mysteries of Reality, Healing, and Knowledge Beyond the Senses Three books by Gayle Kimball, Ph.D. Mysteries of Knowledge Beyond the Senses will be available in March 2020 as an ebook from the major online distributors and in print from Equality Press: Mysteries of Healing will be available as an ebook and print […]

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A Tiny Particle’s Wobble Could Upend the Known Laws of Physics Dennis Overbye April 7, 2021 Experiments with particles known as muons suggest that there are forms of matter and energy vital to the nature and evolution of the cosmos that are not yet known to science. Evidence is mounting that a tiny subatomic particle […]

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the hard science of reincarnation at UVA

The Hard Science of Reincarnation All over the world, scholars studying reincarnation are making findings even skeptics have difficulty explaining. By Rebecca Nathanson March 31, 2021  Stevenson fell deeper into his new research, taking his first fieldwork trip to interview children with past-life memories in India and Sri Lanka in 1961 and publishing his first […]

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Why Evil Matters by Alex Tsakiris

Why Evil Matters is only about evil in that its existence points the way to the power of the non-physical realms—both light and dark. Alex Tsakiris explains the “we can’t claim evil exists if consciousness doesn’t” and that his book is about why evil matters, not about evil. This understanding contrasts with the dominant materialist […]

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Consciousness Revolution James Beichlr: The inner workings of the primal cosmic mish-mash which yields our senses of spirit, consciousness and our interpretations of nature/physics Abstract: It is no coincidence that the many theoretical physicists are ‘suggesting’ that our final physical reality could be time, bits, a hologram, a computer program, information, 1s and 0s, mathematics, or […]

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Genetics of Psychic Ability

Genetics of Psychic Ability – A Pilot Case-Control Exome Sequencing Study Author links open overlay panelHelanéWahbehND, MCR(Funding acquisitionProject administrationInvestigationData curationAnalysisWriting – original draft preparationReview & editing)1DeanRadinPhD(ConceptualizationFunding acquisitionMethodologyData curationAnalysisWriting – original draft preparationReview & editing)1GarretYountPhD(Funding acquisitionWriting – original draft preparationReview & editing)1Michael A.Woodley of MeniePhD(Formal analysisWriting – original draft preparationReview & editing)2Matthew A.Sarraf(AnalysisWriting – original draft […]

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compact fusion reactor, etc.

U.S. Navyyy Has Patents on Tech It Says Will ‘Engineer the Fabric of Reality’ Vice Feb 5 ·  The U.S. Navy’s “UFO patents” sound like they’ve been ripped from a science fiction novel. By Matthew Gault The U.S. Navy has patents on weird and little understood technology. According to patents filed by the Navy, it is working on a […]

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