A Trilogy: Mysteries of Reality, Healing, and Knowledge Beyond the Senses

A Trilogy: Mysteries of Reality, Healing, and Knowledge Beyond the Senses Three books by Gayle Kimball, Ph.D. Mysteries of Knowledge Beyond the Senses will be available in March 2020 as an ebook from the major online distributors and in print from Equality Press: Mysteries of Healing will be available as an ebook and print […]

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Can AI be sentient?

Google Sidelines Engineer Who Claims Its A.I. Is Sentient Blake Lemoine, the engineer, says that Google’s language model has a soul. The company disagrees. By Nico Grant and Cade Metz June 12, 2022 SAN FRANCISCO — Google placed an engineer on paid leave recently after dismissing his claim that its artificial intelligence is sentient, surfacing […]

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Case Studies-new book

Telepathy, Clairvoyance, and Precognition: A Re-Evaluation of Some Fascinating Case Studies by Bob Charman has just been published and is available on Amazon. It is based on previously published, peer reviewed papers, reworked as  into connected chapters for the  more general reader, together with five new chapters. 

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Markham Heid Jan 27, 2021 · · The Nuance The Science Behind Gut Feelings Intuition is real and measurable, but often misleading Intuition is a tough thing to study. Even defining it is tricky. It’s not quite an insight, which is when a solution or some other bit of hoped-for knowledge pops into your head. […]

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quantum mechanics: Dean Radin

Psychic Phenomena and Quantum Mechanics FREE WEBCAST Thursday, October 28, 7:00 p.m. CDT Psychic phenomena involve two mysteries. The first is that the mind appears to have access to information unbound by the ordinary senses or the everyday constraints of space and time. The second is that the mind seems to be able to directly influence […]

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